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I will go with the rolex replica uk GMT II Automatic with Swiss ETA structure-ceramic bezel model number 22_22242 at £69.28 in stead of the other one I first said. If you can send me the payment link il make the payment so I get the new rolex replica uk and the part to fix my watch. i went onto the payment link but it dose not show any where to leave a message about the other rolex replica uk face. you asked me to say which rolex replica uk it was what do you want a order number ? the rolex replica uk is in my order history if you look it up its the black face rolex replica daytona with diamond markers. but what can i do as i cant leave a message telling you what rolex replica it is ? The rolex replica that I have with the missing 0 has now stopped working completely so I don't want to pay you for another watch when this one has so many problems. I now just want either a refund or a new rolex replica or even if you want to send just a new face. I'm happy to send the faulty rolex replica back to you I just need a postage bag. Please be in touch soon. Or I will just go straight to the bank and send it to them and let them deal with it.

We'd to send the replica rolex back to you but your not letting me. All I want is a working replica rolex it's not a lot to ask when I've already paid you for it. So what happens now ?? If you don't want to send me the new replica rolex face that has all the Numbers it needs and that works as it supposed to then just give me the return address and you can just refund my hole payment. As you must not have properly working rolex replica watches. Other wise you would of sent me one by now. This whole thing is crazy and if you don't respond with in 48 hours il just get in touch with my bank and forward them all the emails we have exchange showing you said you would send me a working replica rolex but you have not done anything about it. And Il also contact 95EPAY And complain about the way you do business because this is beyond a joke now I must of sent you 15 emails saying the same thing as you just don't reply. If this is how you treat your customers then I'm glad id not ordered any other rolex replica watches uk from you. And I won't be ordering anymore if this is how you deal with things. Which is your loss because if your rolex replica watches uk were what they say (working) I would have ordered loads. I posted the rolex replica back to you today using standard air mail recorded and it cost me £7.85 so when the watch arrives to you I would just like to have the price of the watch and the £7.85 returned to my bank account as I don't want to spend money on another rolex replica watch uk from you as the first one arrived broken and it's been a lot of hassle. And then it just stopped working. So I don't want to risk you sending me another rolex replica watch that could break and then cost me even more money sending it back to you.